ROSS AS YOUR KEYNOTE: Ross is considered a "rock star" in the meeting world. He gets reviews like, "Over the Fence Home Run!" and "Best I've ever heard." Even veteran meeting goers say, " I've heard EVERYBODY…but I could have listened to Ross Shafer all day. " Read more testimonials here

ROSS'S MOTIVATIONAL VALUE: Ross Shafer has an astonishing track record for cross-pollinating innovative tactics across disparate industries; which has allowed some organizations to increase their revenue by tens of millions of dollars.

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  • Business turnaround specialist
  • 6-Time Emmy® Award winning talk show host/comedian (FOX, USA, NBC, ABC)
  • Writer/Producer of (14) Human Resource training films
  • Author of (4) best-selling business books and (1) stinker
  • Consultant to Fortune 1000 companies re: finding hidden revenue streams



Ross describes the innovations (and attitudes) necessary for leaders to stay relevant to their customers/ clients, B2B partners, and employees. Savvy organizations are leveraging "the recovery" to spike growth during this next phase. Make sure you're one of them.

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We can no longer blame the recession - or management - or the competition. It is time to take personal responsibility and accountability for our performance; in all economic climates. Leadership needs to remind the sales and support teams, "You are the leading expert on you."

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This Keynote is a fun and insightful way to earn more immediate revenue. Often, an organization frustratingly searches for new income (only) from within their own company...or from inside their industry.

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Customer “service” is not enough anymore. Customers who have been conditioned to buy your goods and services online need more emotion from you. They want to feel more connected - a personal touch. They want more than a transaction. They want EMPATHY.

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